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It all started when I was watching a self driving car dodging Google employees during a Google self driving car media campaign on TV.

My background as an control systems Electrician / Instrumentation Technician including working with many of the sensors used on autonomous vehicles, combined with a love of cars in general and a strong following of emerging technology led me to having a  passion for driverless cars..

Self driving cars not only have the ability to make the world a happier and safer place with a massive reduction in the road death toll and injuries, they will also affect every aspect of our daily lives. Does a camping trip in 2020 mean calling your closest driverless Winnebago that pulls up in your drive and takes you wherever you desire while sitting in the back playing cards with the kids or having a quiet drink?

Is it worth owning a car at this time? Why not just hire one from Google, Apple or Uber as required? Not to mention the long list of current car manufacturers who are competing for this trillion dollar market.

We will discuss the pro’s, the con’s, the missteps and of course watch carefully the public reaction to these phenomenal changes coming our way..

We would love for you to be involved so please leave your comments, like us on Facebook and add your opinions to the discussion and debate.

Craig Mills



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KandaceKandace Parks first grew to love writing about the automotive industry in 2013 while writing vehicle reviews for a Canadian based company. Eventually getting hired on full time, Kandace had the opportunity to learn more about the latest technology used by many popular automotive manufacturers, which fueled her passion even more. When Kandace isn’t writing she is on an adventure, or at the very least plotting her next one.

Kandace regularly contributes articles in our Technology category.