Self Driving Cars: A Snowy Obstacle

Boston Consulting Group has studied self driving cars in depth, but was left with one question: can a self driving car in snow still operate in bad weather as it does on a dry, sunny day? In places such as Canada the weather conditions can vary from region to region,...

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Self Driving Car History

A look back at self driving car history will show that experiments with the concept have been in the works since the 1920s. While technology has come a long way, it is incredible to see the evolution of autonomous vehicles. Early Beginnings of Self Driving Car History...


The ‘Outsiders” Tesla Model S Review

The ‘Outsiders” Tesla Model S Review

Unless you can afford to buy a Tesla model S, starting at about $140,000AU, I highly recommend you don’t take one for a test drive. If you do take one out, you are going to want to buy one and they are bloody expensive! The car itself reminds me of smart phone in a...